How To Select The Right Fabric For Embroidery Machine?

How To Select The Right Fabric For Embroidery Machine?

Are you going to start the embroidery business? Well! This is great news. However, if you are new to this field with minimum industry knowledge, deciding which fabric can work efficiently for the embroidery machine becomes a confusing situation. 

One Dollar Digitizing understands it well. Therefore, we have compiled the best fabrics list to make it easier for you to select any one of them.

Stop worrying!

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Right Fabric Selection For Embroidery Machine

Selecting the right fabric for the embroidery machine is one of the most important aspects of the industry. When paired with embroidered designs, the choice of embroidery fabric can significantly affect the embroidery’s overall aesthetic appeal.

You must consider many factors when choosing the right fabric for a machine embroidery design. When choosing a fabric for embroidery machines, the weight of the fabric stands out as one of the most important considerations.

A silk cloth is low in weight; thus, a thick embroidery design would not adhere to it. Heavy embroidery is not a good fit for loose textiles because they can’t hold the threads in place. Choosing a fabric that can sustain the weight of the embroidery design and the thread is, therefore, necessary when working with heavy embroidery designs. Additionally, the fabric’s thread count needs your attention because it affects its weave and makes it more vulnerable to needle penetration.

Must-Have Fabric’s Qualities for Embroidery Machine

Let’s talk about some crucial fabric characteristics to take into account for machine embroidery. Remember that we will discuss only qualities crucial for machine embroidery in the list. It does not entail all the features and characteristics of fabrics.

The Fabric’s Structure

The structure of the fabric is important to consider in order to determine the fabric’s density, weight, and thickness. Additionally, it’s critical to note the fabric’s thread count, thread weave, and fibers employed in the weave.

Features Of The Fabric

The properties of the cloth are another important consideration. An embroiderer must consider the type of fibers used and their probable response to various pressures. It includes needle punching, ironing, and stretching before choosing fabric for embroidery. In addition, you should also focus on other elements, including elasticity, shrinkage, and wrinkle resistance.

Fabric Nature 

Not each fabric can accommodate all embroidery designs. You need to consider the type of embroidery and the nature of the fabric. It will give you a better idea of how your embroidery design will work on the fabric. Therefore, along with other factors, you must pay attention to the density and weight of the embroidery design while choosing the best cloth for the embroidery machine. The number of stitches, the sizes of the stitches, and other relevant elements are a few extra factors to consider. Due to the fact that some embroidered designs, such as cross-stitch and appliqué, won’t adhere to all fabrics, some designs require scanning through unique digitizing techniques.

Best Fabrics For Embroidery Machine

 Now that when we know a few key criteria for choosing the ideal fabric for an embroidery machine, it is time to look at some of the best and most popular fabrics for embroidery.

Natural Fabric

Natural fabric is one of the best and most famous options for machine embroidery. Most embroidery experts consider it an ideal choice for various embroidery styles. The tight weave of natural materials is one of their key characteristics, giving embroiders a solid foundation for their embroidery designs. You can achieve a smooth yet elegant result by penetrating the fabric with embroidery machine needles. 

Moreover, the fibers in natural fabric run both vertically and horizontally. Natural textiles such as cotton, wool, silk, and linen are excellent materials for ornamental embroidery designs. You can run the embroidery machine on natural fabrics to get the embroidery done.

Quilter’s Cotton

Another popular fabric with a wide variety of colors is quilter’s cotton. This fabric supports simple and open embroidered designs. Quilter’s cotton fabric, including placemats and wall hangings, is ideal for needlework projects.

Hanky Linen

Hanky Line is a beautiful fabric popular in Australia for embroidery machines. It is a wonderful, lightweight fabric made of a cotton and linen mixture. Hanky cotton fabric is a flexible material that provides a wide range of embroidery designs. However, you must properly stabilize this fabric to provide the best results.


One of the most durable natural materials available is linen, which stands out for its wonderful texture. It is a thin fabric that holds most embroidery designs nicely and looks stunning.


Silk is the ideal fabric for machine embroidery due to its lovely luster. Despite having a delicate appearance, silk is an excellent base for embroidered designs. It provides adorable end results that stun the eyes.


 Another popular fabric for embroidery machines, terrycloth is frequently used to create beautiful personalized gifts. You can embroider a logo on the terrycloth using the embroidery machine for towels and robes. The secret to getting the best-embroidered terrycloth results is embroidery designs with a solid base.

Conclusive Words

Choosing the appropriate fabric for the embroidery machine might be difficult, especially if you are just starting, much like many other factors. Understanding each fabric’s characteristics and how they will work with various embroidery designs is crucial. You can select any fabric discussed above due to its ability to support most embroidery designs. 

Moreover, you can start your business, and gradually you will understand the fundamental qualities of various textile fabrics and their value in machine embroidery. If you still have any queries, you can contact We are here to help businesses get embroidery digitizing services fast at a reasonable price. Our expert team can assist you in digitizing the embroidery that can work best for your embroidered logo or design.

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